Quercus Durata-Jepson?

Graham Luckhurst GrahamLuckhurst at msn.com
Sun Sep 1 13:53:08 EST 1996

Last year at the Chelsea Flower Show, London England (just in case 
your miles away). I saw a very small leafed American oak.  It was 
labelled as Quercus Durata-Jepson.

As I have considerable difficulty in reducing the leaf size in oaks 
this seamed the ideal plant.  The company showing the plant only had 
the one, which they wanted 45 pounds for (about 70 US dollars), and 
it was not suitable for bonsai. 

I would appreciate anybody’s experience of this species and if anyone 
knows where I might get some acorns (Does everyone call oak seeds 
acorns?), I would be greatly indebted. 

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