Antique Clipart

mk95528 mk95528 at
Mon Sep 2 04:41:12 EST 1996

We are making copies of a CD-ROM of plant images for individuals.
Has antique black and white line art for small desktop publishing
projects like newsletters, books, catalogues, etc..
Took us 2 years and around 100 antique books to complete. All
copyright free images of various plants, trees, and other vegetation.
Over 1000 images preserved forever from books from 1735-1909.
This CD is very rare because it focuses on a limited audience of that
is into plants and they are all black and white line art. 
Never seen a CD like this anywhere else. So far Herbalists are wanting
this for their desktop publishing work.
Anyone interested in this CD, contact us, we will not be offering it
much longer and it will be to other groups at that.



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