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Bernie Mentink <mentink at> wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>In anticipation of starting a flame war:-
>Has anyone had any experience with organic solutions for Hydroponic
>My initial thought was to use a good seaweed/fish fertilizer that has a good
>N P K ballance with trace elements etc, and to add an enzyme to break it all down.
>I have a number of sources for fertilzers, but need to know what ensymes to use, can I
>find one naturally.
>I will be running a trial in my aeroponic system.
>Thanks in advance.
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As you are aware, the problem with organics in a hydrdoponic environment is the
lack of soil organisms to break down the ingredients into plant useable forms.
I have seen mixtures that claim to be organic, but "organic" can have many
meanings depending on whom you talk to. 

Here is a quote from a company called General Hydroponics: "In hydroponics we
provide the minerals required for plant growth directly, completely eliminating
the need for soil and soil-organisms. The result is much higher growth rates,
yields and even crop quality than organic methods can achieve...the kinds of
materials which are permitted for use under "organic" regulations are not of
sufficient purity to be used for hydroponic culture...We use only the most
refined and pure ingredients to blend our hydroponic fertilizers..."Organic"
regulations do not permit purified or refined ingredients to be used, all
"organic" fertilizer ingredients must be in their natural and unrefined form -
the result can be detrimental levels of impurities and toxins plus very poor

Hydroponics generally avoids the use of pesticides and herbicides because there
are no weeds and bugs tend not to attack healthy plants. In this way it could
be considered "earth-friendly". 

Anyway, if you find a way to do it with enzymes, I'd like to know about it.
Good luck!

(Hurrah for Promise Keepers also!)

-Jason Woodrow
-Corvallis, Oregon, USA

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