Disinfectant for tissue culture?

Fure-Chyi Chen ³¯ºÖºX furechen at UNIX2CC.NPPI.EDU.TW
Fri Sep 6 22:17:14 EST 1996

Once you get contamination, it is difficult to rescue the explants. The 
best way to prepare the explant is to keep the stock plant in a clean 
place and water + fertilize from the soil level without touching the leaf 
or shoot area. Some spray with fungicide such as benomyl will help plant 
clean and healthy. For sterilizing plant parts (explants), usually you 
can take a clean shoot (or any other suitable part), removed lower 
leaves, wash with soap or house detergent, put in 10% of commercial 
bleach (such as chlorox, dilute 1/10) with 1-2 drops of detergent, shake 
the bottle (container) once in a while until 10-15 min (depending on your 
material), wash in sterile water 3-5 times, then excise the tip or your 
target part, put it in suitable medium. For sterilization of culture 
media, people usually put them in an autoclave for 15-20 min. Microwave 
sterilization probably is not as reliable as the normal method. Good luck 
on your TC.

Fure-Chyi Chen
Department of Plant Industry
National Pingtung Polytech. Inst.
Pingtung, Taiwan

On 6 Sep 1996, Henry Kuska wrote:

>     I am a retired chemist who is trying to do rose plant tissue culture 
> at home in a sunroom-greenhouse.  I use a microwave oven for 
> sterilization and a fishtank turned on its side as a clean area.  
> Needless to say I get more contamination than I would like.  Is there a 
> chemical that I could add to the solution to kill the mold but not bother 
> the plant tissue?  

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