Prices of medicinal plants on the international market ?

Biochimie Medicale biochmed at
Thu Sep 12 05:53:12 EST 1996

I'm trying to find the prices for some medicinal plants on the 
international markets.
Are there any databases or cotations available ?
Here are some of the plants I'd be interested to get the price :
	- Artemisia annua (herb)
	- Pygeum africanum (bark)
	- Valeriana officinalis (subterranean organs)
	- Datura stramonium (leaves)
	- Cassia angustifolia (leaves and pods)

I'm also interested in the prices of plant-derived chemicals such as :
	- Artemisinin
	- Artemether
	- Arteether

Thanks for any help,
P. Duez

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