Acorns as food

Dwain Kitchel dwaink at IQUEST.NET
Fri Sep 13 09:46:07 EST 1996

The Apaches still use the acorns from black oak and scrub oak for food.
They poke holes in the skins, roast them in an open fire until all the
steam is gone from the acorns.  Then, after cooling, they open the skins
and put the acorn meats on a large tray to dry in the sun.  After
completely dry, the acorns are then pounded into a fine yellow powder
which is used to flavor "acorn soup," a hearty stew of beef, mutton, or
goat and cabbage.  Acorn powder is also used as a flour in combination
with wheat and/or corn flour to make various breads, such as frybread,
tortillas, and the outside coverings of tamales.  It is very delicious.

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