Seeds or plants of Platycerium sp.

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Thu Sep 19 09:10:20 EST 1996

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>Who could furnish me seeds or plants of the 17 species of Platycerium ?

As far as I know, _Platycerium_ is a genus of ferns, and so seeds may be hard 
to get (there are observations about bracken _Pteridium aquilinum_, flowering 
midnight in Midsummer (St. John's Eve) in Russian and Finnic folklore, see 
e.g. short stories by Gogol', but no mentions of seeds there either). However, 
many species are cultivated in botanical gardens which have a developed seed, 
*spore* and *plant sticking* exchange system. Consult the nearest good botanic 
garden (Gent, Liege, Bruxelles...) and ask about their _Platycerium_ stock and 
possibilities of getting plants through their "delectus seminum..." network.


--- Jari Oksanen Tromssa, Ruija / Romsa, Norga / Tromsø, Norge

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