acorns as food

Gary V. Deutschmann, Sr. raiar at
Thu Sep 19 22:25:44 EST 1996

quag at GEOCITIES.COM (Justin) wrote:

>About the tannins:  I am not sure that they do separate the tannins,
>though the roasting and drying in the sun makes the taste of the acorn
>much milder, so it could be that some of the tannins are reduced in that
>process.  Still if you eat one of these roasted acorn meats it will
>still cause a dry sticky sensation in the mouth.  I think the answer to
>this is that they use the acorn powder in very small quantities, as one
>would a spice, in comparison with the quantities of the other
>ingredients.  Therefore the tannins are not highly-concentrated in any
>one dish.

>Jordanne  (has eaten lots of Apache acorn cuisine)

>jordanh at

So did Euelle Gibbons, and they planted him.....


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