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Fri Sep 20 20:34:48 EST 1996

Phd position available at New Zealand Forest Research Institute  - 
Conifer Molecular Biology

A PhD position is available at the Forest Research Institute in Rotorua
for a period of three years. 
The successfull candidate will be supervised by Prof. Richard Gardner
(Auckland University) and Dr. Christian Walter (FRI) and a stipend to
cover living expenses, conference attendance and research costs is
We are working in the area of MADS box genes in flowering tissue of
conifers and the position is designed to increase our knowledge in MADS 
box gene expression, isolation of MADS box genes and  promoters, and
genetic engineering of Pinus radiata and other conifers using these
promoters and genes.
The techniques used will be in the plant molecular biology area and  some
previous exposure of the candidate to these techniques is prefered.

For further details please contact Christian Walter at FRI, Sala Street,
Rotorua    (E-mail: Walterc at FRI.CRI.NZ or MACNETCW at WAVE.CO.NZ).

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