Experiment with "Lime Away" & Hydrogen Peroxide

sung sung96 at ix.netcom.com
Sat Sep 21 18:33:54 EST 1996

Can someone tell me what would happen to the properties of water if either
hydrogen peroxide or lime away (yes the type at the grocery store that is
used to eliminate lime deposit and clean bathroom stains) is poured into
water?  The reason I ask, I'm looking for a way to do one of several
things; Oxygenate water, acidify water, eliminate lime deposits around
plant pots while not harming acid loving plants.  As a matter of note, I
grow carniorous plants which love an acid low mineral deposit soil and the
local water is filled with minerals and is quite basic. I'm looking to
change the water properties at a low cost.  Please let me know if you have



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