Help: Snowball bush dying

Paul pnutterfield at
Sat Sep 21 18:53:20 EST 1996

I planted a snowball bush in June, and for the last two months, it seems
to be trying to die. The leaves are turning brown and dropping off. The
leaves themselves have white areas that look as if they have turned to
white ash. When moisture of any kind is applied, these "ashen" areas
wash away and the leaf is left with large holes. A local garden expert
thought it might be an aphid of some kind, but repeated applications of
insecticide (diazinon) have not stopped this problem. I have also tried
a fungicide, also with no positive results.
The bush is located in northern Missouri and this summer has brought
periods of intense, dry heat, and also cool wet periods. Please help me
identify the problem as I am afraid a newly planted tulip tree might be
starting to show some of the same symptoms on some of its leaves.
Thank you in advance. Feel free to email me if you have any specific
questions or ideas.
Thank you in advance.
nutts at

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