Correct NewsGr. for hydro Q?

ANNE KNOX aknox at
Tue Sep 24 12:00:25 EST 1996

On 24 Sep 1996, ksands wrote:

> Hallo!
> Is this the proper, or only, newsgroup that deals with plant
> cultivation?  I've yet to receive any replies on what looked
> like a fairly simple hydroponics question- perhaps I am in
> the wrong place? Or if any experienced rockwool grower could
> help, heres my question again:
> Is vinegar suitable for lowering the pH of the nutrient
> solution? Or does it evaporate too easily?
> I've heard powdered vitamin-C (maybe available in health food
> stores) is the proper thing to use?  (It is scorbic acid ?)
> If neither of the above are the best, let me know what you
> use and where such a thing can be obtained.
> Thanks!
> KS
Try the Hobby Greenhouse list, they may be able to help. 

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- Anne

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