Amber beads w/ancient insect (parts??) (Top Quality)

Joyce Simmerman joyce at
Tue Sep 24 09:26:49 EST 1996

For sale (trade??) at Oceanside, CA. --  This is a strand of approx.
1" ovular type beads.  The insect parts or whole insects are easily
visible.  One looks like a cockroach, another like a small version of
a prehistoric cave drawing of a horse!! The strand is about 35-40"
long so the necklace is about 17-20".   The colors range from light
caramel brown to a medium saddle brown.  This should prove very
valuable for scientific research or just  real classy and very rare
jewelry.  It looks great with a large variety of clothes when I wear

A smaller strand is an incomplete necklace approximately 16" long
total and has greenish or yellowish shade beads in it as well as some
of the tan-browns.  It seems to have even more of the parts in it.

Will consider offers over $700 or equivalent trade for ??? (We need a
vehicle -- midsize or larger, or pickup, or minivan or van??) 

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