Q: Proper pH-down solution for rockwool?

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> What are some of the best and/or easily available solutions or
> chemicals to use to adjust the pH lower in your hydro nutrient
> mix?  I've heard:
> A) Vinegar is unreliable as it will evaporate
> B) Some sort of powdered vitamin C that should be available at
>    healthfood stores will work. (Scorbic acid is it?)
> If neither are good, please list some alternates, where they
> might be purchased (locally preferred), and what sort of ratio
> with water that they should be mixed to.
> Thanks!
> ksands at jaxnet.com
Both vinegar and ascorbic acid are organic acids and will readily 
degrade thus losing your pH control (vinegar = acetic acid will degrade 
VERY quickly). The best bet would be battery acid (sulphuric acid) but 
if this seems a bit "non-organic" why not try the major gift of the USA 
to the world - Cola. This is quite strong phosphoric acid (and a good 
buffer to boot) and if it's OK to foist it on the world - why should a 
few plants object ?
Peter Harris, Reading, UK.

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