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Wed Sep 25 19:41:07 EST 1996


Imagine having special black and white plant line art clipart from old
woodcuts and engravings in digital format from the sands of time.
Then imagine having this on one handy CD-ROM from these
pages of time. 
Then imagine a huge collection of black and white plant clipart on CD
has not been available until now.
Then imagine how easy small in house desktop publishing can now be
using a handy CD of plant clipart. 
These antique images are are gleaned and scanned from a ton of very
rare expensive copyright free antique books and publications we have
collected for 25 years.  
We are a home based enterprise that delved into great expense and time
to make all this possible so everyone can finally have a copy, and at
a very reasonable price.
For more information on this exclusive CD-ROM of over 1400 black and
white line art images, drop us an e-mail. 
Thankyou for your interest in helping us bring these images back into
the light again.



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