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Wed Sep 25 16:08:56 EST 1996


Research Associate - Molecular Biology. Two postdoctoral positions are available to 
work on peanut molecular biology.  The successful candidates will conduct research on 
the molecular biology of drought and disease resistance, and improving protein quality 
of peanut.  Major goals will include identifying molecular markers for disease  and 
drought resistance, cloning methionine-rich protein gene, and transformation of peanut. 
 The appointees will be expected to have demonstrated experience in modern molecular 
biology techniques, which may include mRNA isolation and in vitro translation, southern 
and northern hybridization, RT-PCR, gene cloning/vector  construction, screening  cDNA 
library  using polyclonal antibodies, DNA sequencing and related techniques, to detect, 
describe and manage the behavior of the genes.  The laboratory is fully equipped with 
necessary instrumentation and supplies for the above research.  A Ph.D. in plant 
science with extensive knowledge and experience in plant molecular biology is required. 
Applicants must submit a letter of application describing research and career interests 
and experience, resume, transcripts and three references to
Dr. Mehboob B. Sheikh, 
Plant Biotechnology Program, 
Division of Agricultural Sciences, Florida A&M University, 
Tallahassee, Florida 32307-4100.
Phone: (904) 561-2218; 
E-mail  sheikh1 at

Florida A&M University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.  

Minority and Women candidates are encouraged to apply.

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