Experiment with "Lime Away" & Hydrogen Peroxide

Anne Gillen ez049617 at boris.ucdavis.edu
Thu Sep 26 21:47:07 EST 1996

You cannot remove minerals by using lime away.  Lime away merely dissolves
mineral deposits so that they can be washed away.  It does not remove the
minerals from the water..  You must use distilled water or rain water.
Distilled water
with a small amount of fertilizer such as miracle grow or Peters will be a
bit acid. Pure distilled water will remove nutrients from the soil so it
is advisable to add a little fertilizer if you use it.  

Potting medias
often contain large amounts of spaghnum (spelling?) moss which is usually
acid.  You may not need to adjust the pH depending on your soil.  Why not
buy a pH meter at a garden center before you try and change
soil pH.

Why do you want to add oxygen to your water?  Plants get enough oxygen if
you do not waterlog them and the soil is not compacted.  The air in the
tiny spaces between the soil aggregates will diffuse into the film of
water covering the aggregates.  Water your plant until the water runs out
of the bottom and then discard the excess water.  This will be sufficient.


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