Polyurethane planters

Cynthia Donahey cdonahey at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Fri Sep 27 21:29:28 EST 1996

I've have been using polyurethane planters extensively in the last six
weeks or so. You know, the material used in mattresses, cushions, etc.  If
worn by water and the outside environment, or artificial aging, they look
very much like stone troughs.  A plain old cut out cushions functions very
well - but without any pretense at looks.  Ferns, a wild sedum, parsley,
sweet annie, cuttings - it's surprising how many different kinds of plants
do well in this environment. Regular garden soil, potting soil, and
various mixtures all work.  Insects move freely through it, but everything
underneath dies fairly quickly leaving soft, moist soil, if the planter is
moved.  I do have one "foam rubber' planter, that has moss growing on it. 
Polyurethane foam so far has none - even one piece that was extensively
aged in the river.   Any comments or thoughts.

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