who know about flowers in Pennsylvania.

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Sat Sep 28 16:02:23 EST 1996

In article <wanasen-2509962035090001 at smith112-652.bucknell.edu>, wanasen at bucknel
l.edu (nanchaya) writes:
>   I am a student in Bucknell University, Pennsylvania. I just  moved to
>here for a month. Now I am doing a research about flowers. Therefore, I
>want to know more information about flowers in Pennsylvania.
>   If anyone know any thing about PA flowers ...please write to
>me..wanasen at bucknell.edu
>                                          Thank you
>                                    Nanchaya Wanasen

I have no first-hand experience with them, but a very good book I have is the
Reader's digest of North American Wildlife, which has full color drawings,
habitat geography, short descriptions (some uses), and a breakdown of flowers
by petal morph and color.  If you don't have too many questions I'd be happy
to look up some entries.

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