Organic Hydroponics

BRateaver brateaver at
Sun Sep 29 03:01:52 EST 1996

You all seem to be completely unaware that nutrients DO NOT need to be
soluble to be absorbed by cells, no matter whether cells are from humans,
animals or plants.

The whole idea of solublility is based on the theories of ion absorption.

Plants absorb the same way that animals and people absorb--by endocytosis.

I wish people would STOP insisting on solubility.  That is not a

Yes, what is used in hydroponics is soluble, but a cell that takes in ions
has to first chelate them to enable those molecules to move through living
tissue. That causes cells to have to put out more energy to do the
chelating. Anyway, it is not the ions in solution that reach absorbing
root hair cells, because the root hairs are covered with mucigel and are
not in direct contact with solutions used.

B. Rateaver

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