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Thu Apr 3 16:53:42 EST 1997

Richard piekutowski wrote:
> Richard piekutowski <RichP1 at worldnet.att.net> wrote in article
> <01bc4036$6aef2380$9a2d74cf at rpiekuto.cac.psu.edu>...
> >       Hello,
> >       I have been trying to use an air pump for watering my garden But cant
> get
> > it to work..I'm using wisper pumps they are aquarium pumps and they are
> in
> > good repair. Ialso tried many tubing configs. and I can barely get 8in
> out
> > of them.
> > --
> > RichP1 at worldnet.att.net

The pump is probably not powerful enough to push water.  Especially if 
it has to move uphill.  Make sure the pump is above the water line.  I 
recommend that you scrap the airpump idea and get a small submersible 
pump, available for about $25.  Good luck and let me know if have more 


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