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Fri Apr 4 00:55:48 EST 1997

Of course nitrate is an ion, who would deny that? And it is true, in the very early growth stages of a legume, there appears to be a need for the plant to start its life with some nitrogen source,
before it has had time to start the fixation routine. But once this is established, the fixing routine can take care of the N needs of the legume.

If there is plenty of N in the soil,  On page 72 of the Organic Method Primer UPDATE, it says: "N should not be added to soils in which legumes are to grow, but the reason has only comparatively
recently become known: nitrate damages the relation;ship between lectins which form in root hairs and the Rhizobia, that might have rsulted in liaison between the two so that the Rhizobia could enter
the root hair cell.

The current research on "information processing"  so avidly pursued indicates that individual genes appear to control each little action, as signals to individual cells.
B. Rateaver

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