pH in plants response to Rateaver

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Fri Apr 4 00:55:57 EST 1997

Yes, of course varieties of organic matter make a difference. You should read the $150 book by Wm. Jackson, spectacularly covering everything in that area of data: Humic, Fulvic and Microbial
Balance: Organic Soil Conditioning.
   This overwhelming book has 1500 references, and at the end of a chapter the author put the copyrighted articles quoted in the chapter. I bet that cost him plenty.
   Every researcher who has seen that book wants it. There is nothing else like it.

You claim the worldwide ideas about ion absorption are true. Where and what is the evidence? No one has seen ions being absorbed.

And even if they were absorbed, it would be a pity, because then root cells would have to spend energy to chelate them before such forms of minerals could move thru living tissue.
B. Rateaver

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