Bill Robinson Roseguy at
Wed Apr 9 07:36:50 EST 1997

I'm a better gardener than a newsgrouper and I didn't
know about bionet.plants until just now. Ronald Zwaagstra
and I are in the process of trying to start a new 
newsgroup called rec.gardens.ecosystems. We never
posted an announcement to this newsgroup. 

Rec.gardens.ecosystems is being proposed as a newsgroup
that deals with gardening in concert with the ecosystem
using environmentally friendly materials and cultural
practices. It is also being proposed as a moderated group
using a combination of human moderation and robot
moderation primarily to reject cross-postings and a FAQ
that will cover the bulk of the issues that face home

It is being discussed at this time on news.groups. I can
e-mail a copy of the proposed charter to anyone who 
might be interested and I can also e-mail the structure
and layout for most sections of the FAQ.    

I'm sorry that you weren't included in the original


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