let's try the poison ivy post again

Monique Reed monique at bio.tamu.edu
Wed Apr 9 11:58:02 EST 1997

The question is
>regarding getting rid of a patch of poison ivy mixed
>with berry canes.  When and how would be the best
>time to do this?  I live in western Massachusetts so 
>it is early spring here.

A small thermonuclear device should do the job nicely...

Seriously, assuming you want the berry canes gone as well as the P.I., I would 
say that this sounds like a job for Round-up (glyphosate). You may need 
several applications.  As much as I hate to recommend chemical herbicides, I 
would really hate to try and get rid of such a nasty mix by hand, and plowing 
it is just going to make propagules.

M. Reed

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