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Exerpt from: Secrets of the Soil (wonderful book!)

Jack Griffes !!!Griffes at ix.netcom.com!!!
Sat Apr 12 20:26:19 EST 1997

Dan Parker wrote:
> On the flip-side, you wouldn't go eating wild mushrooms you picked
> yourself without a very good field guide, would you?  But, why not? 
> They are all organically-grown products of nature!  I guess it might be
> because many (and I mean MANY) organic compounds are quite toxic.
> The point of all of this is that simple-minded, blanket statements about
> anything as complex as biochemistry (or really, most subjects) are
> inherently ridiculous and unsupportable.  Of more importance to you, I
> suspect, is the fact that you are alienating those rational individuals
> whom you profess it is your mission to "enlighten".  No one is going to
> take the medicine if you make the pills too hard to swallow....

And a hearty AMEN to that Dan.  

Victoria, Zeal  alone wins few converts.  You have to have your facts
straight and your emotions in check.  You for instance in a response to my
post said you did not believe that chemical poisoning of bees could be done
truly unintentionally by licensed applicators "that truly didn't know any
better".  Well the fact is none of us mere mortals knows every fact that is
available to be known.  Just why would a corn farmer that knows darn well
that corn is wind pollinated and needs no insect pollination even think
that spraying his corn might kill honeybees let alone whole colonies of
honeybees?  It is outside of his experience and it doesn't even compute via
straight line logic.  But a beekeeper knows that bees do collect a LOT of
corn pollen when other more nutritious  pollens are not available.  That is
why when talking to farmers I often steer the discussion into the arena of
bee safety - because if they know it will kill bees MOST OF THEM wouldn't
even dream of doing it.   Seriously now - farmers appreciate the soil,
wildlife and all kinds of things they have direct experience with FAR more
than the average person does.

I would suggest you get some experience with current farming practices
before you condemn the whole lot of them.  Don't bite the hands that have
fed you your whole life.

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