let's try the poison ivy post again

Mike Barnes diversft at magicnet.net
Sun Apr 13 13:12:56 EST 1997

Christine Nichols wrote:
> Ok...screwed it up the first time...the question is
> regarding getting rid of a patch of poison ivy mixed
> with berry canes.  When and how would be the best
> time to do this?  I live in western Massachusetts so
> it is early spring here.
> Thanks,
> Chris
> cnichols at forwild.umass.edu


Try applying 'Roundup' with a sponge paintbrush directly to the poison
ivy's foliage.  This eliminates 'overspray' damage to the surrounding
plants.  Might require more than one application, but should work
eventually.  BTW, Roundup rapidly degrades & should pose no long-term


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