Illegally imported plants

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>>People are stealing Madagascar plants and animals. Against intl law
>>B. Rateaver
>This is disturbing at best.  Arent plants native to Madagascar such,
>that they cannot survive elsewhere?  Or if they do survive will greatly
>change or adapt to other conditions, thus, changing the configuration
>of the plants nature?  When is enough, enough?  This may be
>philosophical, but the direction of mankind is really starting to scare
>me on a level I don't understand.  I may be obsessive, and this may be
>the wrong place to get into this, but really folks, when is enough,
>enough.  Will it be enough when the conventional farmers can produce
>three hundred tomatoes on one plant?  Even though you would have to eat
>all 300 in order to get any nutritive value out of it?  When is enough,
>enough?  When every frontier forest is clear cut, every microbe is
>slaughtered, every eco-system is replaced with lunar suits?  When is
>enough, enough?  This is not religion folks, it is ecology.  Religion
>is another matter.  

Yes when is enough, enough.  Is enough, enough or is it enough plus
enough, enough.  I have had enough. 

Please Victoria enough is enough! No more enough OK.

Enough said

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