Wed Apr 16 17:51:16 EST 1997

I don't mean to sound rude or anything but I have to correct you on a
minor detail of your posting.  In it you refered to the dictyosome
(formerly the Golgi apparatus).  Well, actually it still is the Golgi
apparatus.  The term "dictyosome" is an ancient term first used to
describe the vesicles produced by the Golgi (back then they didn't know
they where produced by the Golgi body, hence the new term). This term is
now considered defunct and old.  If you care to disagree with me, I can
refer you to several leading plant physiologists and highly regarded texts
(such as those by Krebs) to support me.

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   AA    AA     UU     UU    DD     DD 
   AA    AA     UU     UU    DD      DD   
  AA      AAAA  UU     UU    DD       DD
  AA   AAAAAAA   UU     UU   DD       DD
  AAAAAAAAAA     UU     UU   DD       DD
 AAAAAA    AA    UU     UU   DD      DD   oo
 AA        AA    UU     UU   DD    DDD   oooo
 AA        AA     UUU UUUUU UDD   DDD    oooo
AA          AA     UUUUU UUUUDDDDDD       oo
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