...the effects of air pollutants on plant?

Evan Jennings sheynen at trentu.ca
Wed Apr 16 16:36:57 EST 1997

<ksai at matrix.kapatel.gr> wrote:

> Hello,
> Does somebody knows any URL, newsgroup or maillist concerning the effects
> of air pollutants on plant?
> Thanks in advance.
> Costas Saitanis
> ksai at matrix.kapatel.gr

No, I'm afraid.  However, I can point you in the direction of a person and
an organization who might: Eli Epp and the Strathcona Community Gardens in
East Vancouver, BC, Canada.  They probably can get snail mail at the
Gardens, but you'll have to look up the postal code (www.mailposte.ca) or
you can try relying on the good will of poste canada post to track them
down from the address alone.  Of course, there may be some way to get in
touch through the internet, but I haven't checked.

The gist of the thing is, Eli, who is very reliable as a source of this
sort of information (and probably other information too) mentioned a study
that showed that lead, presumably from automobile emissions, showed up in
vegetables grown in the city, and most important, that in a major urban
centre (Vancouver), there is no significant statistical correlation
between distance from the road and amount of lead absorbed.  That's all I
can think of right now.  Chances are the study originated at UBC or
perhaps Simon Fraser University (SFU) in Vancouver; then again it may have
been conducted by the provicial or Canadian Ministries of agriculture and

good luck.


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