pistachio nut culture

John Prince j.prince at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Apr 17 00:18:15 EST 1997

In article <3353D8C2.2B4B at taranaki-healthcare.co.nz>, 
pathteam at taranaki-healthcare.co.nz says...
>I am interested in any information anyone can provide me on pistachio
>nut culture e.g websites, indices etc. I am interested in growing
>pistachio nuts in New Zealand if this is a suitable culture climate.
>Dr Bill Frengley
>B.Frengley <pathteam at taranaki-healthcare.co.nz>
They have been tried in NZ, but are too marginal to contemplate as a 
viable crop here.  My own ones have grown very slowly, and die back in 
the moisture of our winters...in fact, one of three is dead.  One man 
is reputed to have had a few nuts, but if they really had a future then 
they would have been established by other experimenters by now.

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