chlorophyll content was changed

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Thu Apr 17 11:05:29 EST 1997

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Woo, Jong Ho <woo00 at CHOLLIAN.DACOM.CO.KR> wrote:
>Hi! netters
> Can you tell me about this:
>When i experimented on pH buffering effects of leaves of Ginkgo biloba on
>various pH solution(pH was adjusted with H2SO4(3):HNO3(1) solution)
>chlorophyll content increased with treatment time(1 min. - 48 hr.).
>My experiment was correct? And i want to know what is the reason of
>increasing chlorophyll content.
> Woo, Jong Ho
> woo00 at

Think about the following questions:

1) Does your buffer contain plant nutrients?

2) What are the symptoms of deficiency of this nutrient?

3) What are the effects of supplying this nutrient?

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