soil too wet - little flies - how get rid of em?

Lori Alliani alliani at
Thu Apr 17 19:08:42 EST 1997

If I am reading your description right, these are "fungus gnats".  You
can get rid of them quickly with sevin dust, or a little more slowly
but thoroughly with "Mesquito Attack" or a mesquito dunk (the little
donuts you put in standing water to kill mesquitos, put it in your
watering can and let it sit for a few minutes, and water your plants
with it).  The last two are a bacteria that destroys mesquito larvae,
and the larvae of the fungus gnats, but will not harm plants or other

Good luck!

On 17 Apr 1997 16:54:02 GMT, "Michael Peters" <mpeters at>

>I've bought a large quantity of soil for my pot-plants ... this kind of
>soil comes without peat (for environmental reasons) and instead seems to
>contain shredded wood and other stuff. Seemed like a good idea but the soil
>takes very long to dry, it stays wet for many days, and this seems to
>attract small drosophila-like flies, or they lived in there all the time.
>Now I have those flies in my flat and I wonder what to do about them. Any
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