soil too wet - little flies - how get rid of em?

Bill Robinson Roseguy at
Thu Apr 17 22:24:34 EST 1997

Michael Peters <mpeters at> wrote in article
<01bc4b4f$c6920850$24ebe495 at mp2>...
> I've bought a large quantity of soil for my pot-plants ... this kind of
> soil comes without peat (for environmental reasons) and instead seems to
> contain shredded wood and other stuff. Seemed like a good idea but the
> takes very long to dry, it stays wet for many days, and this seems to
> attract small drosophila-like flies, or they lived in there all the time.
> Now I have those flies in my flat and I wonder what to do about them. Any
> suggestions? 
> -- 
It sounds like fungus gnats. They happen when the soil is excessively
moist. Normally, you treat by just cutting back on the watering but
it sounds like your potting soil is too slow draining. I'd replant using
faster draining potting soil. You could use 'fly paper' to get the
adults swarming your flat.


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