Genetically altered food - evidence of benefit or harm?

Eric Grunden egrunden at
Sun Apr 20 22:22:01 EST 1997

In a previous article, dmmelans at ("Denise Melanson") says:

>I probably should not comment one way or another about this subject, but...
>The FACT is, we eat DNA every day from every single organism we consume,


>fail to see how it would matter to our very rigorous digestive systems the
>source of that DNA, be it bacterial, fungal, animal, or plant. 


I am also hesitant to comment, because I have not formed a concrete
opinion on the subject yet. But,

I don't think the issue in this case is the consumption of the
DNA, but rather of the elevated levels of the plant products (natural 
insecticides, etc.) that the DNA is coding to produce. So, the source 
of the DNA is irrelevent, but what it is telling the plant to do
may (and I stress MAY) be an issue of concern. 

In the case of Monsanto's roundup-ready soybeans, I'm not sure
what the plant does to demonstrate herbicide resistance, but
it seems unlikely that it produces toxic compounds. With their
boll-guard cotton, yes the plant is producing higher levels of
organically produced insecticides, but we do not eat cotton so
the concern, if any, is dermatological.  I guess what scares
me is Novartis' Bt corn, which is coded to fight insects in a
product that is consumed by people and animals. However, this
may be able to be taken care of in the processing of the corn,
I don't know....................any ideas?

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