current wholesale market prices of dried american ginseng roots

Ahmed Gaballa agaballa at
Mon Apr 21 09:57:56 EST 1997


I am a post-graduate student at the Free University of Brussels (Belgium),
and I am doing some research for my thesis on american ginseng or Panax
quinquefolium. Apart from trying to find out new ways of making the growing
of this crop environmentally more sustainable, I need to make an economical
analysis of possible yields under various inputlevel-regimes. That's why I
would like to have a view on current market prices. So if you know these
prices, or know of people that might be specialised in the field or
whatever else you might think could be usefull for my work, let me know
too. Thanks very much for helping me out! Please do note that I can only be
reached at the email address of dr. Bogemans, here at the institute: 
jobogema at


David Michiels
Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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