Help ! Allergy !

Monique Reed monique at
Mon Apr 21 09:43:54 EST 1997

>My friend's son has a strong allergy to:
>- Cynodon dactylon
>- Lolium perenne 

These are two common grasses.  Cynodon is Bermudagrass, widely grown as a lawn 
in southern states.  Lolium perenne is perennial ryegrass, often sown as a 
cover crop or for erosion control.  Most likely, your friend's son has an 
allergy to their wind-borne pollen.  Also, if he's allergic to these two 
grasses, chances are he's allergic to many other grasses as well.

There are several websites dealing with pollen allergies.  You might check 

Hope this helps.

Monique Reed
Herbarium Botanist
Biology Department 
Texas A&M University

>Is there anybody who knows what kind of plants are these 
and what's>they're biology ? ....Mmh...If they are plants !    :-(>Are there 
web sites for these informations ?>Thank you very much.



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