Survey: We need feedback from people who love plants!

Joyce Van Eck jv27 at
Wed Apr 23 09:04:43 EST 1997


   Here's your chance to share some ideas on what new traits you would
like to see in ornamentals.  I work for a small company trying to address
some of the problems in ornamental plants including bedding plants, roses,
seasonal plants (like plants for holidays and special occasions), cut
flowers, etc.  Right now, we are focusing on developing disease and inscet
resistant plants with the goal of reducing pesticide use.  In addition, we
would like to look at other traits such as new colors, flower type (double
or single, smaller or bigger, more or less), plant habit (shorter, taller,
more branching), fragrance, drought tolerance, cold or heat tolerance,
etc.  However, we need to know what the consumer wants, so that we can
narrow our focus.

   So, if you could have any traits, in any ornamentals, what would they
be?  Choose as many as you would like.  I will post the results.

   You can e-mail me directly at jv27 at or post your reply to
the group.

   Hope to hear from you!  Thank you for your participation!

Thank you,
Joyce Van Eck

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