Genetically altered food - evidence of benefit or harm?

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> >I probably should not comment one way or another about this subject, 
> >
> >The FACT is, we eat DNA every day from every single organism we 
> >raw, cooked or otherwise, and although I am not sure whether the 
results of
> >this FACT have been studied (I don't know what the control could be), 
> >fail to see how it would matter to our very rigorous digestive 
systems the
> >source of that DNA, be it bacterial, fungal, animal, or plant. 
> Good point. As a matter of fact, fresh foods also have bacteria and 
> on the surface. We already consume the DNA of microbes with our food.
> Tracy
Not only that but if you are into live yoghourt you have probably 
consumed several thousand completely new mutant bacteria per pot ! Where 
does that leave genetic engineering by comparison ?
Peter Harris,
Reading, U.K.

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