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Thu Apr 24 12:49:42 EST 1997

Michael Pfenning wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can obtain milkweed seeds/plants commercially
> to attract Monarch and other butterflies to my garden.  I have started
> to raise seedlings of regular plants and herbs specifically for
> butterflies and moths, but I want to plant milkweed so several different
> species can lay eggs and the catepillers have something to eat.
> Mail order companies would be best.  Thanks
> Michael Pfenning

As far as i know, the larvae of the Monarch butterfly is the only one
that feeds on milkweeds. However, the flowers provide a good necter
source for many insects. I always thought that the common milkweed was
best.( Asclepias syriaca) I don't know of a commercial source for the
seed but the plants should do quite well from cuttings. Let the stems
get reasonably ripe before cutting. Then, when the sap dries, stick them
into a pot of damp sand, put the whole thing into a plastic bag, and
place in good light but NO direct sun. Sould be rooted in a few weeks.
Much faster than seed

Dick Wagner

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