Exerpt from: Secrets of the Soil (wonderful book!)

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A long time ago, in a galaxy frighteningly close to this
one, brownBI at OA.PTLOMA.EDU (David Brown) wrote:

>        My better judgement tells me to stay out of this debate but I am
>unable to resist the temptation. Do you use antibiotics, antiseptics,
>disinfectants, first aid solutions, deoderant soap, lysol, ant bait, slug
>bait, etc...?
I share your sentiment about joining the debate. However
:-), it is obvious to me that the correct approach lies
somewhere between the two camps. There is a place for
chemicals as well as natural additives etc.

The hard part is getting the balance right. I particularly
liked the red herring about the facultative and obligate
anaerobes. And I thought I was a pedantic bastard!

Always remember: the sun will come up in the morning ;-)

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