Plant communication

Mark & Victoria animaux at
Fri Apr 25 08:37:06 EST 1997

In <335FE7C7.2E90 at SWT.EDU> TERRY ZISKOWSKI <TZ29230 at SWT.EDU> writes: 
>Dear Bioworld:
>I am an undergrad. looking for information on resources and topics
>concerning plant communication; PLEASE HELP!!!!
>Thanks Terry

One interesting (6) video tape series is "Private Life of Plants" David
Attenborough.  It is not "communication specific" but it does show
clearly how plants have their own politics in nature.  There is a
companion book.

Another interesting book is "Secret Life of Plants"  Thompkins and

Of course, I was told Thompkins and Bird were known for their fiction,
but I found their book listed above to be very interesting.


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