Exerpt from: Secrets of the Soil (wonderful book!)

Nanda Somarajan somarank at SLU.EDU
Fri Apr 25 21:44:23 EST 1997

	Hi people.  I think it is time that we moved on and stopped 
stomping over Victoria.  If she made mistake, then she made a mistake.  
You guys are acting like a bunch of two year olds.  Come one.  We are all 
GROWN ADULTS.  We should act you age.

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On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, Mark & Victoria wrote:

> In <E9717p.9qM at cix.compulink.co.uk> ecoli at cix.compulink.co.uk ("K N and
> P J Harris") writes: 
> >
> >Victoria love,
> >I should keep out of this as well because it is so pointless but I
> can't 
> >avoid making the point that your lovely "table-salt" is a fundamental 
> >preservative because it kills things if you have enough of it. This 
> >applies to virtually every "chem" (I'd like to have a definition of
> what 
> >is a "chem" and what isn't).
> >Peter,
> >Reading,
> >U.K.
> >
> A synthetic chem compound is a far cry from a naturally formed chemical
> compound.  Synthetics are usually associated with synergists. 
> Everything made up of elements are chemicals, as far as I know. Correct
> me if I am wrong.  Not all chemicals are synthetically concocted by the
> synthetic chemical companies, which lie out of their butts, to the
> public, who believe that if you only use a little of a synthetic
> chemical, all will be well in the world.  What happened to REAL
> gardening, where the gardener had to know a lot about the soil,
> bio-diversity, insect lifecycle etc...?  I am not talking about
> commercial farming now.  I am talking about small backyard gardeners. 
> I would not dare to enter the farming sacred cow issues of chemical
> need...UNTIL I am thoroughly more educated, which I will be in the
> years to come.
> Gardening has become big business, with the big synthetic chemical
> companies at the helm, with the Land Grant U's under its wing...money
> begets loyalty.  Sad.
> Victoria

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