Advice clearing rose bramble

Christine Nichols cnichols at
Sun Apr 27 11:53:54 EST 1997


A friend recently purchased a house (in Western Massachusetts) in which 
there is a large back yard 
but unfortunatley the previous owners had left the wild roses (don't 
know exact scientific name) take over.  This bramble is large and thick 
(used originally as a fence break by farmers and now is illegal to plant 
so I am told).

They have cleared much of it by hand and brush hogged some.  There are 
lots of rocks and other junk in the bramble.  They have been told to use 
round up to kill the stumps and canes they haven't been able to get to.  
Does anyone have any advice on this matter?  How to deal with all these 
stumps large and small?  Spray with roundup?  Spread fresh loam over it 
and plant grass?  Plow the backyard up? It seems like a huge project to 
attempt to erradicate 
this stuff.  (There is some wild grape but I see no poison ivy which I 
find unbelievable.)  They are burning and I was a bit alarmed as i know 
poison ivy seems around a lot.  Ok...if anyone has some advice they would 
greatly appreciate it.



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