Question from B.B.C. Cameraman re. plants.

Monique Reed monique at
Tue Apr 29 13:52:46 EST 1997

>> Does anyone know of a suitable transparent gel substance that can be used in
>> a small set where the growth of a seed's roots are able to be filmed
>> without the gel 'going off' as it were and fogging up the proceedings.

>   You might check into the use of polyacrylamide gel.

Polyacrylamide might work, indeed, but if memory serves, the stuff is 
incredibly poisonous until it has jelled.  (I worked with the stuff 12 years 
ago, maybe there is a less toxic formulation or substitute available these 

Would the old standby of sandwiching the seed between glass and moist blotter 
paper not be acceptable for your film?

M. Reed

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