the old chemical vs natural debate

Mark & Victoria animaux at
Wed Apr 30 07:48:06 EST 1997

>> If it worked so well, then why did they see the need to develop the
>> chemicals?


>> If it works so well, then why do people shell out big bucks for the
>> chemicals?

they believe the lie

>> If it works so well, then why are yields so much higher than back

At the price of less nutritive value, to make more money.

>> How do you "make sure" that predators are around?

Stop killing them.

>> How long is "long-lasting"?  

Once established, can be forever.

>> Is agriculture "millions of years" old?  

Wasn't here millions of years ago.  

>> I thought the oldest stone tools are dated at about 35,000 years

And?  The point?

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