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BRateaver brateaver at
Wed Apr 30 23:49:26 EST 1997

The one and only real way to avoid pests and disease is to have real soil.
Nothing else can be counted on. Why is it that hardly anyone wants to use
good, real soil? Why does everyone think any old mix is OK and then start
dosing the plants as soon as they start having problems?

It must be a branch off the typical university/farm advisor system of
blindness to soil life and fare.

All should understand what Callahan has been telling for decades: that
unhealthy plants [those living in poor dirt, not real soil] give off the
kind of electromagnetic spectrum frequencies that tell the pest: THIS IS

Until you understand that, you will never find a way out of the continuous
DOSING for problems with pests and disease. It is the SOIL that makes the
difference. (and incidentally it is much cheaper, too.)
B. Rateaver

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