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>I recently bought a cactus, and have no idea how to care for it (how
>often to water it etc...). I got it at a supermarket so it isbasically
>just your regular houseplant cactus. I know it's not usually a good idea
>to buy something you dont know how to care for, but they're just so
>cute. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cacti are really easy to care for. Water regularly in the summer. Use
tepid water and allow the soil to dry out a little between waterings.
Reduce watering in autumn and very little water in winter. I usually
water my cacti, once every 2-3 wks in the winter. Give it as much sun
as possible. In the winter, it likes to be in a cool room but not near
a drafty window (still  give it alot of sun).
		I hope this has been helpful. Jes

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