asparagus fern plant

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Fri Aug 1 00:46:25 EST 1997

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997 00:28:56 -0400, pj3a at (PJ10 25) wrote:

>I bought two and they were lovely.  They are only in my home 10 days
>and are starting to die.
>Does anyone know how I can save them and possibly nuture them?
They are very picky about the amount of light and water they get. If
the leaves (needle -like) are turning yellow (not brown) and falling
off, then it's not getting enough light. (or temp too high) If the
leaves are yellow and scorched at the edges, too much light or was
allowed to dry out. I had both of these problems. I put it in a east
window and it looks great and even flowered.
	Water thoroughly, but allow to dry out a little between
	If the roots are hollow, I'd say it's bugs or you watered it
too much (root rot). More likely the latter.

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