How to kill a 15 meters high tree ?

David Brown dbrown at CARS.PTLOMA.EDU
Sun Aug 3 23:08:12 EST 1997

Dear Jacques,
	I did this work with good neighbor help recently removing a large sweetgum
tree. It had broken one sidewalk, the driveway in several places, damaged
irrigation waterlines, and threatened two other sidewalks and the home
	I treated the stump to avoid sprouts (suckers, etc) that form anywhere the
roots get the soil surface. This can be discouraged by using the same
herbicide (Brand:"Round-up", e.g.,) to the cut-off stump along the outer
edge at the cambium (just under the bark). I have had only one sprout about
twenty foot from the stump so far and it was easily killed with herbicide.
	I cut down this large tree by first removing the large lower limbs leaving
a foot-hold to get to the next higher limbs. When high enough I topped the
main trunk about 2/3rds way up. The wind and natural weight distribution,
and how the cut was notched directed the fall with no damage except new
driveway stains. A neighbor had done this work recently and knew what to
do. Only experts can do this without damaging something or seriously
injuring someone. Almost everyone would advise you to hire the work done,
it is money well spent.
	I hope this helps.	
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>around to make the tree fall down smoothly.
>Anyway, my main concern is: Will the root system stop growing as soon as
>the tree has been cut ? (I don't think so, though I don't know really.) 
>And is there a (chemical ?) means to definitely stop the root system from
>growing, -killing the tree-, without damaging the nearby environment?

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